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Be aware of limo safety concerns to ensure hassle-free limo experience

Ride in a limousine gives utmost level of comfort and safety. These exotic ground transports covers all the necessary aspects of transportation. Limousines not only just provide that touch of royalty and elegance to the whole trip but also cater one stop solution to all transportation needs no matter you are renting this for any special event or a leisure trip. In addition, the services that come along with them add shining stars to the entire ride. However, it is really hard to find the best that would cover all the transportation aspects on the specific day of event. Of course, every limo company will guarantee the stress-free and secure limo services but it is tricky to analyze which one is genuine and which one is fraudulent. To ensure a hassle-free limo experience and make your ride a memorable one, be aware of common limo safety concerns. Here are few listed points to follow that need to be taken care of when it comes to limo safety concerns.

Scrutinize the limo well:

Before choosing limo for your big day, don’t forget to inspect the limo. Have a deep investigation for both its interior and exterior. Check all the interior features are in good working condition and the limo is meticulously maintained, neat and regularly serviced.

Background-check your dedicated chauffeur:

Don’t go blindly without enquiring the dedicated chauffeur’s detail. After all, it is only him who is going to accompany you whole day. Have a look on their license, certificates, driving experience and ensure they are not involved in any accidental or criminal case.

Insurance coverage:

Insurance coverage is the utmost factor when we talk about limo safety concerns. It can protect you from great financial loss if in case any accident or damage occurs. Ask your service provider if they provide the same and if yes then what all aspects they cover in their insurance.

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Limousine- A Perfect Blend of Class and Sophistication

For making an impressionable entry in any event; limo ride indispensable. Not everyone can afford to buy this posh vehicle. However that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the luxury offered by this mode of transport. You can rent your desired vehicle for the ultimate comfort and relaxation.


Depicts your style and stature

When you have attained a high position in your life, you deserve special treats of life. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. When you are on a business tour, traveling in a limousine will best depict your style and stature. Your business clients will surely be impressed and you will earn good points for your business.


Epitome of class and luxury

Limos were once considered pride of rich and influential. But now with the emergence of number of providers, the vehicles are available at affordable prices. Its sleek and elegant look is sign of royalty and panache. The vehicle is spotless not just outwardly, but also inwardly too. The warm and inviting

ambience will make your journey truly memorable.


Best in-class features

Besides being superbly designed, the vehicles come equipped with premium features for your highly comfortable ride. It includes sumptuous leather seating, mood lightning, surround sound system, plasma screen, DVD player, tinted windows, and ice chest bar. You can consider renting the same no matter how long the travel is.


Perfect for all occasions

If any occasion is on the charts, make it more memorable by considering limo rentals for your travel requirements. No matter what type of eve is whether birthdays, weddings, graduation day, or night outs; there are varied models available to choose from. You will be driven by professional chauffeurs thus letting you evade the navigation issues.


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Important aspects to take care of when renting a limo

Searching a limo service is not that hard as it seems to be. It demands just a little focus, proper planning, knowledge and attention. There are few minor but necessary things that need to be taken care of at every step right from selecting the limo rental company to booking the limo for your purpose. Planning everything in perfection can make you sure that everything will be turned out well. There are several aspects you will need to take into account when proceeding ahead to hire a limo. Noting down everything with eagle-eye view point not just you can ensure everything will be stared in excellence but also you can stress-off your worries from getting to your destination and back to home safely in a safe, comfort, timely and reliable manner. There are basically three most important aspects to consider when hiring a limo that can give you full assurance of unrivaled limo experience from begin to end.

The very first is, knowing well about the limo company:-

  • Make sure it is a licensed and registered limo company
  • Get to know about their terms and conditions
  • Check what all services they provide
  • Know what packages, deals and discounts they offer
  • Understand their pricing structure well
  • Ask whether they provide insurance coverage or not
  • Know what aspects they cover in their insurance coverage

Secondly, focus the details about the limo you are choosing:-

  • Inspect the limo vehicle well from both inside and outside
  • Examine its features
  • Make sure all the features are in good working condition
  • Ensure the limo is regularly serviced and well maintained

Lastly but most importantly, have detailed description of dedicated chauffeur:-

  • Check his valid credentials
  • Background-check his details
  • Make sure he is passed through strict alcohol and drug screening test
  • Check his driving and training certificates
  • Ensure he is not involved in any kind of accidental or criminal case

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Tips to choose the best limo service

It’s true to say that the longer a company is in business, the more solid it is. Therefore, taking time to research before hiring a limo service is what one should do. However, this can be a daunting task, but the best limousine service can only be grabbed through this pattern.

Follow these tips to choose the best limo service:

Reputation of the company

Once the company is selected, find its details. Reviews of the passengers who have availed the service earlier can help a lot since it will give you an idea of the reputation this company holds in the marketplace. On the other hand, ratings on social media apps and background should also be checked to grab complete information.

Driver information

It is important to gather driver’s information since your safety is entirely in his hands. This information can be attained from past consumers or by going through the history of the company to see in case there were any accidents or cases. The driver must also be well informed about all the routes along with the rules and regulations of the region. Also, don’t forget to check the license and other legal documents before taking the ride.

Company’s fleet

It is better to choose a company which provides a diversity of vehicles. A solid company will always deliver a wide range of services to its consumers in order to make them flexible and comfortable. One can finalize its vehicle by either checking out the company’s official website or while making the bookings.

Rental cost

There is always a basic rate in the industry and you can check it by comparing companies and their rates. Once comparison made, you will get a fair idea of the current prevailing price. This enquiry is important to see whether the company you want to deal with does not charge you any extra money, unnecessarily.

Safety check

While choosing a limo hire company it is better to have a first-hand referral. Safety of the passengers should be their priority. Also, special safety measures should be prepared for young passengers.

Consider the above mentioned tips to make a wise decision while hiring a limo service.

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Why limo should be your preferable choice when touring to Surrey

Surrey is known to be a bustling city of British Columbia amped up with unlimited festivals, cultural celebrations, markets, parks and theaters. Planning a trip with whole family to Surrey? There is lots of family fun to experience from plentiful parks to fine dining and entertainment. If you are visiting surrey for the first time, you will be amazed at what you find. From water parks to culinary adventure, there are unforgettable experiences just around the corner. In addition, this beautiful city of British Columbia is well known for its spectacular natural scenery as well as potential for outdoor fun.

Though there are hundreds of great attractions to visit in Surrey, all guaranteed to offer a fantastic day out for everyone to enjoy but if you want to make your trip to Surrey extra special with bunch of overloaded joys and memories, renting a limousine would be a perfect choice. Here are top reasons why limousine should be your preferable choice when touring to Surrey.

Stress-off your shoulders from the worries of locating to new city:

Renting limo services, you don’t have to worry about flipping the pages of the city’s tour guide book hunting for a particular location or managing with your loved ones safely. The employed chauffeurs of professional limo companies have great knowledge of the geographical area and posses great driving skills.

Well-scheduled and guided trip:

If you avail limo services from a professional limo company you can expect a well-organized and planned surrey tour packages encompassing worth-exploring sites of the city. Professional limo companies aims to provide personalized attention and guided tours to their clients from start to finish. Well- trained chauffeur acts as a personal guide and take their clients to not to be missed places of the city via different routes that encompass mind-boggling picturesque.

Begin your fun on the wheels:

The amazing looks and impeccable features of limousine offer its passengers to begin their fun on the wheels once they on-board. The outstanding entertainment systems, mood lightings, soft leather seats, air-condition system, internet access makes limousine a complete vehicle to serve every kind of transportation needs.  Limousines not only let you reach your destination on-time and in safe as well comfortable manner but it also allow you to spend quality time your loved ones on the way.

If you are dreaming for a wonderful travel to your Surrey Itinerary, rent an iconic limo from Vancouver Limo Rental. We are trusted, reputed and licensed limo company providing reliable limo service to our clients. We offer latest model of luxury limousines to meet the needs of every event. Immerse yourself in the luxury you deserve with our exceptional services. Request us a free quote filling our form online or call us at 604-996-6328 in case of any queries. We are always ready to serve our best.

Make Your Wedding an Extra Ordinary Affair with Limousine Rentals

Everyone wants to have a glamorous wedding affair with everything being executed flawlessly. This special day requires careful planning and special attention to each and every detail. Amidst all the preparations, have you considered how you will be getting to and from wedding venue? If you were thinking to drive yourself, keep that thought aside. Expand your budget little bit and give a thought of renting a luxury limousine vehicle. It will surely make your D-day an extraordinary affair.

Depicts royalty and class

Wedding is once in a lifetime memorable day that deserves to be the best. Hiring a chauffeured driven limousine means you are putting a little bit extra efforts. These efforts are worth the cost. While the chauffeur transports you to your destination, you can spend the precious time embracing your partner’s company. The classy and elegant look will give you a complete royal feel.

Roomy interior

Owning to the fact that limousine comes with a capacious interior, you can comfortably settle inside without any worry of your wedding dress being crumbled. Sit back at plush leather seats in the most comfortable manner. You can take a short nap, indulge in unlimited gossips, and spend cosy time with your partner.

Professional chauffeur

More than just a posh vehicle, the limo services come with a uniformed and professional chauffeur who will ensure your timely transfers. Without the worry of battling through traffic, you can enjoy the amenities inside. He will decorate the vehicle as per your wedding theme and offer you a royal red carpet treatment.

Reputed limo providers offer exciting limousine packages that will surely meet all your needs. They provide you a wide fleet of limousine fleet to choose from. As per your taste, group size, and needs; you can choose the one. While selecting a limousine company, make sure that it is licensed as well as insured.

We at Vancouver Limo Rental offer you most finest and updated fleet of limousine. Wedding limo you choose with us will come beautifully adorned and equipped with high tech amenities. Just give us a call at 604-996-6328 and book your vehicle.

Understand factors influencing limo rates to avail budget-friendly services

Limousines are exceptional ground transportation associated with luxury and fun in style. These exotic ground transports tend to be slowly becoming one of the life’s essentials. Today, most of people rent limousines for their every small to big occasion whether it is a wedding, prom, night out in the city, corporate need or a leisure tour. When it comes to limo hire, the very first question that pops up in everyone’s mind is its price. Many of individuals simply steps back from the thought of renting a limo juts making a perception it would be an expensive deal. But the reality is totally different. Limo prices differ on several factors.

Let’s understand different factors that influence the limo rental rates. Knowing how much you will need to pay for limo services will aid you in finding the best limo with budget friendly services.

Type of vehicle:

Depending upon the model, color, features and size, limo rates vary a lot. Therefore, the kind of limo transport you are choosing greatly affects your limo pricing structure. It is suggested to rent the limo according to your exact requirements and ensure the limo you are choosing has enough seating capacity to accommodate your guests.


Besides providing basic limo services, limo companies offer several additional limo services including add-on decor, refreshments and lot more. If you wish you to enjoy these extra amenities, you can expect little extra expense added to your package.

Time of year:

Limo companies set their limo rental rates high during peak season whether it is a holiday, wedding or any festive season. If you are on a tight-budget, it is suggested to rent a limo in mid-weeks or off-peak season.

Distance travelled:

If it is a long distance travel, it is obvious it would be charged high. This is simply understood that more distance, more will be the fuel and tax charges. In the same way, if it is a local city tour or a short distance travel, limo rental rate will automatically drop down.

Keeping all points in mind, you can have better idea which service to avail and how to adjust your budget. If you are looking for a pocket friendly limo services, Vancouver Limo rental would be best place for you.  We have been providing exclusive fleet of exotic limousines and superlative limo services in Vancouver for many years. Our chauffeurs are well trained, professional and highly experienced in providing safe, comfortable and luxurious ride. We bet you will not be finding amazing services and low rental rates like us. Request us a free quote for quick estimates or call us at 604-996-6328 in case of any queries. We are always available at your service.

Grace Your Event with Limousine Rental Services

A special occasion requires a special touch. It can be events like weddings, prom nights, night outs, birthday parties, leisure tour, or a corporate event. When you make your entry in such a posh ride, you are guaranteed to turn the heads. There are number of providers offering limo rental services for your every type of occasion. You need to select the one that offers affordable yet quality services.

Customer Service 

You can check reliability of the firm in how they treat their clients. For reputed providers, customer service is the top most priority. They leave no stone unturned in surpassing your expectations. The quality rental services will be quick to your needs and will leave no scope in your mind to doubt regarding any fraudulent activities.

Celebrity like feeling

Earlier limousine was considered vehicle of rich and elites. Now, with the emergence of number of providers, the service could be afforded by many. By riding in such luxurious vehicles, you can experience celebrity like feeling. You can add a little spice in your event with your elegance entrance and astonishing look. No matter, what the eve is, make your dream come true. 

Ultimate services

Professional providers offer unparallel services to their clients. The interior and exterior come meticulously maintained. The high end onboard facilities inside includes-

  • Plush leather upholstery
  • Neon and fiber optic lightning
  • Plasma screen, DVD player
  • Surround sound system
  • Ice chests bar
  • Privacy partition
  • Tinted windows

Depending upon the type of your event and your group size, you can grace your event by riding in desired model. Good providers offer a fantastic range of limousine including-

  • Town Car
  • SUV’s
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Cadillac Escalade

Rent limousine services with Vancouver Limo Rental and give yourself a special treatment you deserve. We provide well-trained chauffeur who can efficiently handle your transportation needs. Your safety is a paramount concern for us. Just give us a call for your bookings. Our customer representative is available round the clock to handle your queries.

Multiply your fun to a special occasion riding in iconic party limo

An exotic party limo is a great way to get around a party eve or any special occasion. Party limos are much more than ordinary limousines. They are unique ground transportation that are equipped with antique features, décor, interior and are usually long stretched cars that have ample of space to accommodate any group size. Whether it is a birthday party, graduation eve, wedding, city night out, leisure trip, anniversary or any other big day, party limos are known to be a perfect choice to ride. There are unlimited benefits of renting a party limo that are proven to amplify the fun and excitement level to any special occasion.

Top-class comfort and convenience:

Party limos come with panel of high-end amenities with amazing interior and exterior. Having a party limo for an event provides unlimited fun and amusement throughout the ride and provides great time to begin the party on wheels providing access to outstanding entertaining systems including crystal clear LED TV, State of art audio system, mood lightings, privacy divider, tinted windows, air condition systems and many more.

Excellent to keep everyone safe:

One of the greatest advantages of renting a party limo is you can stress-off from the worries of managing your passengers to different vehicles and keeping an eye on all vehicles are arriving safely. Whereas party limo accommodates all passengers under one roof ensuring everyone will reach the venue on time and safely.

Cost effective:

Riding in party limo is a cheaper solution to those renting different vehicles. You can divide your cost of bill between your group. Hence, a party limo can help you save a lot from your bucks and on the same time will it make you and your loved ones feel like royalty with tons of added amenities to make the most of your special event.

Book you private party limo from Vancouver limo Rental at unbeatable rental rates with unmatched services. We are specialized limo service provider offering extensive range of unique limousines to cater every transportation needs. We pride to offer customized packages to our clientele. Request us a free quote to get better estimate or call us at 604-996-6328 in case of any queries. It will be a pleasure serving you.

Arrive in Classy and Professional Vehicle for your Upcoming Event

If any eve is on the charts, give yourself a chance to elude away from the hassle of driving on your own and navigating through congested roads. Renting a chauffeur driven limo vehicle is a best way to arrive at your event in a classy and professional way. A reputed company has a collection of well-maintained fleet of limousine that you can choose as per your occasion.

Consider any of the following reasons to book limo rental service and make your memories last lifetime.

Corporate tour

Limo is the best way to carry out meetings and business related chores on wheels. There is nothing as professional as securing limo rental. It comes featured with amenities like Wi-Fi, laptop tables, projector screen, DVD player, privacy partition, and a lot more facilities. When someone is in new place, what bothers the most is finding the location and venue. However, with a professional provider at your disposal, you can be assured of no delays and he will leave no stone unturned in upholding the integrity of your business.


Limo is a fun way to travel in elegance on your wedding eve. You can select black or white variant as per your taste and theme of wedding eve. The capacious interior will let you settle inside comfortably. You can spend some special moments with your partner, while you will be navigated in a swift manner.

Airport Transfers 

Nothing can match the airport transfer services as offered by limo rentals. This serves as a great aid especially for the ones who are newbie in the city. The chauffeur will track the flight timings so that they can schedule their timings as per your schedule. Upon landing at the airport, you will see them waiting for you in the baggage claim area with a signboard of your name. After meet and greet service, you will be taken to the vehicle in style.

Leisure tours

When you are on a vacation with your family, transportation plays a great role. Having a good transportation assures you of a smooth and hassle free journey. You can have ultimate time with your group enjoying on wheels and exploring different sights.

Regardless of the event, limo is an affordable and impressive way to make point to point transfers. It makes no sense of driving when that time could be utilized in celebration. Reputed and reliable limo is a best way to go anywhere.

For limo rentals in Vancouver, get in touch with Vancouver Limo Rental. We are premium limousine provider in Vancouver for many years. Our chauffeurs have many years of experience and will always ensure your total comfort and safety. Contact us for your bookings. We are available round the clock to cater to your needs.

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