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Month: May 2016

Ways to ensure your safety while traveling in a Limousine

Limo rental services have become a quite popular these days. The reasons are obvious, the luxury, class, style, a Limo ride offers are incomparable. However, a company offering such services has to pass specific safety regulations yearly to ensure the safety of the passengers. Similarly, the chauffeurs also have to pass a test both practically and theoretically to get employed for this role. Besides, the security measures for the vehicle and the driver, it is also important for a passenger to abide by certain rules and regulations to assure their safety while traveling.

Here are a several steps you must take to ensure a safe ride to the destination:


No doubt, Limos are large vehicles and they have a capacity to accommodate any group size. However, then also, you must make sure you take only that number of people along that a vehicle can hold. It ensures everybody’s safety. If you carry more people with you, the space will be cramped up and nobody will be able to enjoy the travel. Additionally, it can distract the chauffeur staking your security.

Smooth driving

The chauffeurs are well trained and they drive smoothly to ensure your well-being. Limit moves in the rear of the car. It will reduce the chance of accidents.

Do not overindulge in alcohol

However, alcohol is only allowed in a Limousine for the passengers. So, therefore, extra care should be taken when opening cans or bottles in a moving vehicle. Do not over indulge yourself in drinking.

Use the crockery and glassware properly

Great care should be taken of the glassware items. If anything is smashed in the rear of the car, make sure you clean it up.

Exiting the vehicle

While exiting the car, ensure you close the gates behind. Do not leave any valuable items inside. Take care of your belongings if you are planning to make repeated stops when visiting several places.

Privacy partition

When a Limo is being used for transporting young guests, usually the privacy partition, between the passenger and driving seating area is removed. So respect any security measure taken by the company for your benefit.

Limo services abide by strict rules and regulations. So make sure you follow all the norms so that your ride is comfortable.

Stress Free and Comfortable Airport Transfers in Vancouver

Traveling is often stressful. It often leaves you tired and jet lagged. All you want is to leave the airport and reach to your destination as soon as possible. Being totally exhausted, you can’t stand in the long queues and wait for the taxi or cab to come.  If you are with family, the stress of getting from the airstrip increases two fold. During such circumstances, hiring limo vehicle serves as the best option.

Let’s have a look how limo make your ride stress free and comfortable.

Timely pick ups and drop offs

Renting the limo keeps you on time. If you have an urgent meeting or are in a hurry to go somewhere, a professional limo firm schedules their timings so that no delays are caused on their parts. They reach 15 minutes prior and even re-schedule their timings as per your convenience. If you are on a business tour, you can’t afford to get late. With limo rentals, you will reach to your venue on time.

Reduced hassles

After landing at the airport, you don’t have to locate taxis and cab. With a pre booked limo, you will be offered the services of a professional chauffeur. He will be standing in the baggage claim area with a placard of your name. After recognizing you, he hails your hefty luggage and takes you till the vehicle in style. You can be assured of a relaxed ride. Also, you don’t need to bother about driving and finding the location. With a chauffeur driven car, you can enjoy the ride.

Luxurious ride

Depending upon your group size, a good limo firm provider offers a wide array of limo vehicles. All comes meticulously maintained to match your high standards. They arrive spotless both outside and inside. You can choose any one of them depending upon your needs and requirements.

The comprehensive range of amenities inside includes

  • Leather upholstery with maximum legroom
  • Ice bar chests
  • Intercom facility
  • Entertainment units like Plasma TV screen, DVD player, music system
  • Chilled beverages
  • GPS technology
  • State of art technology
  • Privacy partition

We, at 24×7 Limo offer luxurious car rentals for comfortable airport transfer services in Vancouver. Get in touch with us for more details.

Town Car Service in Vancouver

A reliable transportation has become a common choice of the frequent travelers. They are always in search of a transport that would drive them comfortably and in hassle-free manner to the event venue. Hiring a town car makes a perfect choice. It can prove to be very helpful and efficient to accommodate every type of your travel need. Therefore, it makes a perfect sense to rely on town car services. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits offered by them.

On time pick ups and drop offs

Punctuality is the essence of the business travelers. Their schedule is packed with meetings and luncheons. So, a pre-designated limo ride with the assistance of a chauffeur provides them a great respite. You don’t have to worry about directions and traffic issues. The professional chauffeur is well acquainted with the city routes. He takes you to your destination in a timely and safe manner.

Stress-free ride

Renting town car relives you of driving and navigation issues. You don’t have to navigate through throngs of traffic. You just need to sit back, relax, and concentrate on the important matters. You can even utilize that time in making memories with your loved ones. Thus, you can be assured of a stress-free ride.

24×7 availability

Hiring the one with a professional limo firm provider ensures 24×7 availability of the services. No matter you want the ride early in the morning or late night, you can rent it at any point of the time. A reliable provider schedules their timings as per your convenience. They make sure to reach 15 minutes prior. Despite the round the clock services, the chauffeurs are polite, have poise, and regard for the client’s comfort.

Luxurious ride

Riding in the vehicle offers you unmatched style and luxury. The amenities inside will surely make your ride enjoyable. It features plush leather seating, neon and fiber optic lighting, intercom facility, and a lot more. The passenger friendly entertainment units let you have a relaxed ride. It includes plasma TV screen, DVD player, AM/FM facility, and surround music system. You will also be served complimentary beverages on the way. Thus, you can have a comfy ride.

24×7 Limo offers you town car services for every type of your business and leisure purposes. We have exclusive range of vehicles to provide our clients. For more information, you can call us or fill our online reservation forms for free quotes. We are available round the clock and throughout the year.

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